Our Products

We offer artisanal coffees and teas brewed by Ryan Brothers right here in San Diego.

Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte

Our nitro infused  cold brew is made with low sugar oat-milk. We add monk fruit sweetener and a touch of himalayan sea salt to get the taste just right. This creamy and refreshing drink is a healthy alternative to the sugary drinks offer at many coffee shops and it taste great!!
Cold Brew oat milk latte

Healthy Snacks

All Keto No Sugar

Keto Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate Muffin

Pure indulgence, our keto cupcakes are a delicious, healthy treat you can enjoy anytime. These cupcakes contain zero sugar, gluten, soy or artificial flavors or sweeteners.
Our treats are provided bythe Keto Dessert Company. They are a local company that only uses the highest quality ingredients.

Cinnamon Roll

You've never had a cinnabon like this! Made with Keto-friendly almond flour and flaxseed instead of wheat flour, this keto-friendly cinnamon roll is truly decadent.
This treat is provided by Keto Dessert Company. They are a local company that only uses the highest quality ingredients.


Our desserts are based on the keto profile: high healthy fats, moderate protein, low carb and sugar free, gluten free - we use Non-GMO and organic Almond and Coconut flour. Sugar Free !!!! - we use Lakanto Monkfruit, a natural--NOT artificial--sweetener to sweeten our treats. Monkfruit has Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic, Non GMO. For Fats we use organic: MCT/Coconut Oil, Grass fed butter, organic cream cheese and heavy cream...etc.
Cold Brew Nitro

Raceway Coffee

A perfect roast makes this coffee live up to the motto of "life is too short to be bitter". This is a smooth cold brew nitro that wont upset your stomach. 
Green Bean Coffee

Green Bean Coffee

This is called green bean because the coffee has not been roasted. This means it will have high levels of cholrogenic and many health benefits. Light and refreshing and no typical coffee jitters.
Rooibos Tea

Roobois Tea

This naturally caffeine free drink is packed with powerful antioxidants. Even though it has many health benefits it is still  very delicious drink. 
Green Bean Coffee

Black Mango Tea

Black tea with mango flavor and no sugar or calories. This refreshing tea is our most popular drink. It is delicious hot or cold.
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